Jan 1, 2011
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"Becoming All That You Can Be Is The Only End In Life" Robert Louis Stevenson

The Whole Guide

The Whole Guide to North Wales 2011

In every neighbourhood and community in North Wales, we can find kindred spirits who share a vision of a more beautiful and humane world and who share a commitment to bringing it into reality.

The Whole Guide is intended to shine light on some of the inspiring People, Groups and Centres that are just around the corner, so we can find each other more easily, and explore new ways to support and strengthen each others’ work.

And for those who are just beginning to question their true purpose and responsibility in the world, this booklet may be a magical doorway into a world with different priorities, extraordinary new friends, and a deeper quality of living and being.

The Guide is in 3 sections: People, Groups and Centres. Please note we have quite a broad definition of “Centres”. It might be a shop or a retreat centre or an organisation. It basically indicates some point in North Wales where a lot of inspiring and transforming things are going on!

We will continue to update, amend and expand the Guide, so please send us amendments and new entries at any time. We will print amendments on the Noticeboard in Network News. Our rough guideline for entries is 30 - 100 words for individuals, couples and groups, and 200 - 500 words for centres and organisations. As with all Network News projects, we don't want anyone to be excluded for financial reasons, so the entry fees for the Guide are entirely optional. For those who choose to pay, we are suggesting £10 for individuals and groups, and £25 from centres and organisations, and this will help the Guide pay its way, and reach all those who deserve it. We invite you to send your own entry, and encourage others in your circle - friends, co-workers, group leaders and workshop facilitators - to do likewise.

The ideal way to support this work is to subscribe to Network News.

Blessings to all beings!

The Network News Team

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